How Fire Consultants Can Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Under the Fire Safety Order of 2006 businesses are legally required to accept full responsibility for detecting and lowering the risks of fire hazards. Fire consultants are able to meet the goals of this order efficiently and precisely. Using a fire consultant is an easy and efficient way to adhere to the Fire Safety Order, keep your business safe and leave you to get on with running things.

In October 2006 the Fire Safety Order came into effect, replacing a large number of already existing fire safety laws. The Fire Safety Order requires business owners to assess fire risk and have a fire safety plan in case tragedy strikes. The new order emphasizes prevention and holds business owners responsible for keeping their staff and visitors safe by requiring preventive measures, an evacuation plan and the training of employees to handle such a situation.

Because of the strict guidelines and a variety of complexities, employers may find themselves unqualified to perform these assessments and struggle to form an effective fire management plan. The Fire Safety Order states that a Competent Person can be brought in to conduct an inspection and to develop a suitable plan. Using consultants ensures a well trained and competent individual is responsible to assess the risk of fire and to develop a comprehensive emergency plan, which is the best and safest option for most business owners.

Dependent on the type of business and the type of building the business is operating from, a variety of different rules and regulations exists that business owners are required to follow. By hiring a fire consultant to analyse your business type and building structure, he or she will quickly realise which regulations are needed to be followed and which are not applicable. It is very important to the safety of your customers and your own legality to follow these regulations very carefully.

It is the responsibility of Fire and Rescue Authorities to inspect businesses for Fire Safety Order compliance, in extreme cases noncompliance with the Fire Safety Order regulations could result in a court hearing or heavy fines. Hiring a fire consultant will save you overall time and energy that would otherwise be wasted reading over countless documents, assessments, and worksheets. Furthermore, the use of experienced professionals will guarantee accuracy in meeting regulations, relieving the worry and stress regarding the safety of your customers and possible checks carried out by officials.

Many will try to perform the assessments without the outside help of a fire consultant. These people are finding that they must read through a vast amount of information pertaining to the law and precautionary efforts. To avoid this process, that a busy business owner may find too time consuming, it is preferable to use an outside expert to conduct the assessment. The employment a fire consultant is a safe, practical, and efficient way to adhere to the current Safety Order. Many people will try to perform checks and meet the regulations independently, but using an experienced professional guarantees a comprehensive evaluation of your building, the safety of your clients and overall peace of mind.

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