Roll Packing Mattress

Are you annoyance for mattress packing? Do you know the mattress packing way? You just need a mattress roll packing machine and can help you solve it easily. Let’s see how it is done.
Are you annoyance at following things:
1. Mattress with large size, lead to high cost of transporting mattresses.

2. Mattress packaging is very troublesome, and the manual packaging is make you feel ugly.

3. The mattress with large size, not suitable for sale in online stores.

4. Mattress packaging costs too high, it takes a lot of manpower and money

5. Manually packed mattresses are slow and can’t keep up with productivity.

Market Trends
Most mattresses in the market are used compressed. Compressing the larger size into a smaller size through the mattress compression machine, it will facilitates for transportation. Therefore, our company has developed a more convenient, more faster and More cost saving mattress roll packaged way. In order to reduce transportation costs and increase corporate profits.
The newest automatic mattress roll packing machine
Before that, we should understand that not all mattresses can be use machine to roll packing the mattress. For example coir mattress, mattress with border, X shape spring mattress. As shown below pictures:
Our company was developed a new mattress roll packing machine. It can roll packing foam mattress, Latex mattress, Memory foam mattress. The advantage is that you can roll packing the mattress directly, and you don’t need to compressing mattress. But its disadvantage is that it cannot roll packing the other mattresses.

Mattress packaging production line
If your company produces a variety of mattresses. Such as bonnel spring mattress, pocket spring mattress mattress. Don’t worry about that, Our company ZIMLIN is specialized in manufacturing various mattress packing machine. Certainly, Including mattress packaging production line. By now we would like to Select two instructions below:
JK-CR3 Mattress Compression Roll Packing Machine
This machine with Compression and Roll Packing function. In addition, It also with the automatic bagging function, it can automatic bagging your mattresses. The most important that it will saves your labour cost a lot.
JK-CR4 Automatic Mattress Compress Fold Roll Packing Machine
with automatic bagging,compressing,folding, roll packing,folding these functions. It’s easy to operate, You just needs two workers to assist machine working. It is the best mattress packaging production line, but this mattress packaging production line manufacturing cost is higher.
The knowledge of mattress packaging is ending here. Finally, our company ZIMLIN not only manufacturing mattress rolling machine, you can find the most complete mattress machines from our company.”>

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